Sunday, July 21, 2019

Is The Government Aware Of The Menace Of The Smoke Belching From Bakoteh Dumpsite?



Readers would recall that the residents of Bakoteh did begin a ‘no dumping’ campaign to prevent waste from being dumped indiscriminately at the Bakoteh dumpsite. The campaign was suppressed by force. Now the residents are beginning to suffer again. To suffer without right to do something about one’s suffering is what is called oppression. The government should therefore take extra ordinary measures to address the menace emanating from the Bakoteh dumpsite. The following notice is as a result of the smoke belching from the Bakoteh dumpsite:


SOS Mother & Child Clinic

This is to inform the public that due to the constant smoke emanating from the Bakoteh dumpsite, the clinic will remain closed until Friday 26th January, 2018.

The Management of the Clinic apologizes for any inconvenience.
Thank you.”

The government should take note and act accordingly in defence of public health.

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