Party leaders are major stakeholders in the political process. They are not above the Law and do not automatically have the immunities that Presidents have. They are also expected to speak and act according to the dictates of just and democratic Laws and best practice in holding Governments accountable to the people. In that regard, they should be given the respect they deserve so that their supporters would also be influenced by them, to give other leaders the respect they deserve.

Hence from now onwards, President Barrow should give a directive for no party leader to be arrested or called for questioning unless any matter is referred to the Attorney General for advice as to whether any substantive Legal matter is being investigated .This is the best way to protect the integrity of party leaders from the encroachment of overzealous security operatives, who may not be able to distinguish unpalatable views, which become more refine as party members display respect for codes of political conduct and suspected offence under the law. We need peace under democracy, respect for human rights, rule of Law and good governance not peace by suppressing sovereign citizens under the jackboot of repression and tyranny.

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