Friday, July 19, 2019

IS MY FATHER DEAD OR ALIVE? – Asks Muhammed Corr


By Aja Musu Bah Daffeh

Muhammed Corr who stepped into Foroyaa’s offices yesterday, has expressed worries about Manlafi Corr’s (his father’s) whereabouts;

Manlafi Corr served as a member of The Gambia National Army under the leadership of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Corr, the first son of the missing soldier, narrated that his father went missing since 2006 after being arrested by plain clothes officers on allegation of his involvement in a foiled coup.

He added that his father, being the breadwinner of the family, has left a vacuum which cannot be filled and life has become hard for them. The son is therefore calling on the current government to investigate his father’s disappearance.

Manlafi’s wife, Fatou Sam, noted that when her husband was arrested, they visited Mile 2 Prison where he was held, but they were not granted the opportunity to see him. She continued that it was later reported to them that he (Manlafi), Daba Marena and others were involved in a crime and they escaped when their vehicle had an accident on the way while being transferred to Janjangbureh prison.

“Since then the family does not know his whereabouts, whether he is dead or not,” said the distraught wife.


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