Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Is GRTS the State Broadcaster giving balanced political reporting?


The fact that no Gambian can put under the carpet is the existence of an incoming and an outgoing administrations.

GRTS is giving coverage to the outgoing administration and is even aiding the party of the outgoing administration to rely on its past activities to give the impression that it is still a ruling party after being defeated at the polls. The special circumstance which allows the incumbent to serve his term is being exploited to give the impression that the opposition APRC is still a ruling party.

All Gambians should know that the APRC is an opposition party and not a ruling party no matter how many broadcasts it issues over GRTS while the incumbent is serving his term. It cannot turn the cards. It is still a party that has lost the 1 December 2016 presidential election. It is just that the national broadcaster has no commitment to the ethics of the profession and is not entertaining divergent views and dissenting opinion which continues to aid and abet the outgoing government to give the impression that its party is still the ruling party of The Gambia.

We hope sooner or later the malpractice of one party monopoly of the state broadcaster will come to an end.

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