Monday, September 16, 2019

Is Foroyaa Invited To Janneh Commission To Deliver Past Copies Of Newspapers For Evidence Gathering



The Foroyaa Managing Editor is asked to bring an edition of the newspaper which it had published. Apparently the Commission has received copies extracted from editions posted by Amadu Kabir Njie in 2005 when Foroyaa was not online.

Gambians like Amadu Kabir Njie used to voluntarily post certain articles of Foroyaa in the Gambia-L and other websites for the benefit of Gambians abroad. Apparently some of the articles have attracted the interest of the Commission and they have summoned the Managing Editor to forward original copies to the Commission. Foroyaa will report the proceedings in full.

The articles will only confirm that Foroyaa has always been carrying its duty of holding the government accountable irrespective of who is at the helm of the state.

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