Sunday, October 20, 2019

Is a new mood developing in the country for peaceful settlement of election dispute?


The constitutional position of the outgoing president is the claim that the courts will determine whether inauguration will take place or not. The constitutional position of the incoming president is that the person declared elected by the IEC is mandated to assume office when the term of office of the incumbent expires even if court hearing of the election petition is incomplete.

The Gambian people should know what their constitution says and live up to it.

The outgoing president should quote which section of the constitution says that if a loser files an election petition the swearing in of the person elected president should be put to a stop.

The camp of the incoming president has quoted section 63 (2) to prove that the person declared elected should assume office when the term of the incumbent president expires.

Foroyaa is waiting for the intervention of the legal counsel of the outgoing president so that the debate on the way forward would be put to a rest by all sides accepting the truth, in good faith and in the public interest.


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