Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Is a Cold War Brewing With North Korean Missile Crisis?


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A cold war existed up to 1989 when the Soviet Union and the United States vied to bring countries in the world under their spheres of influence. Many governments were overthrown because of such a war. Hence many are wondering whether a new cold war is brewing as a result of missile tests launched by North Korea.

The reality on the ground however teaches that many countries have other priorities. For example, in a recent comment made by the President of France, he outlined that “Islamist terrorists” constitute the biggest threat to France. In the same vein, the war in Syria against IS (Daesh) is being done on different fronts by forces from Iran, Lebanon, NATO, Turkey and Russia, regardless of their differences. Whilst the North Korean missile tests are condemned everywhere, many countries are considering terrorism as their major threat.

It is important to recognize that sworn enemies during the cold war are now cooperating on the basis of economic interests. It is evident that China is a major economic partner to the US.

Hence the real threat to world peace is world poverty and world tyranny. The whole world should focus their attention on world tyranny and poverty. When the people of each country take ownership of their country and how they are governed, world tyranny and poverty will be defeated, international peace, prosperity, stability and good neighbourliness shall be the order of the day.

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