Friday, July 19, 2019

Interparty Committee Kicks Off, Will The Insults Stop?


The political parties in the Gambia, signed a memorandum of Understanding on 7th March 2017 agreeing to recognise the legitimacy of the Government and its right to govern within the confines of the Constitution and other laws of the land, on one hand, and the right of other parties to operate freely and hold the government to account on the other. They promised to put the past behind them and in the highest interest of the country, work constructively towards national reconciliation and the consolidation of democracy, good governance, due process, respect for fundamental rights and rule of law. They accepted to be guided by a code of conduct that forbids their followers from frustrating or disrupting the legitimate activities of other parties, avoid using derogatory or inflammatory language, refrain from threatening or inciting violence against parties, groups and persons .

Party leaders are urged to issue directives to their members to refrain from violating the code of conduct. The IPC has promised to conduct sensitisation campaigns to educate their members and the public at large, on the content of the memorandum of understanding in order to ensure compliance. We hope the insults on political grounds will soon come to an end so that the image of the country will not be soiled after attaining a peaceful change which is revered everywhere in the world. Insults do not help a political party to gain integrity, on the contrary, it isolates a party from decent citizens.

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