An interview with Halifa Sallah on Coalition on West Coast Radio which was scheduled for Thursday 30 March 2016 has been Halifa Sallahpostponed.

The Youth Parliament has been inviting leaders from the ruling party and the opposition to put their policies before the people by relying on the non state owned electronic media. This is opening up the political space. In the last programme broadcast on Thursday 24 March it was indicated that Halifa Sallah will be invited to address the issue of coalition on Thursday 31 March. Mr Sallah said that upon discussion with the presenter of the programme all those who were waiting for the programme should be informed that it is postponed till Thursday 7 April.

According to him, he had recommended to the presenter of the programme that it was best for him and Mr Omar Jallow to be present for the discussion on coalition on Thursday 30 March programme. However he said that he was later told by the presenter of the programme that Mr Jallow said he preferred to be interviewed first as a PPP leader before considering any joint discussion on coalition.

Halifa Sallah said that the presenter of the programme has assured him that all stakeholders will be invited to discuss the issue of coalition. He calls therefore on Gambians to prepare for this major political discussion in order to know the views of the different political parties on the subject of Coalition.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The discussion initiated by the social science club at the UTG and the Youth Parliament are healthy for a multiparty system. Discussion and debate help to promote informed choice. The people should get the facts from the leaders themselves. It is hoped by all Gambians that the presidential candidates and party leaders will clarify their stand on coalition on Thursday 7 April 2016. No one should miss this programme or any other of such a nature.

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