Tensions which emerged as a result of the April 12 council elections which led to charges at the Basse Magistrates Court are now being handled by an adhoc committee of the inter party committee. Foroyaa has expressed concern that these charges have undermined the freedom of some of the key political actors for the GDC to operate effectively on the ground while opponents of the GDC have received a booster with the presence of the president in his home soil during an election period. Foroyaa is keenly following developments to ascertain whether the political atmosphere is indeed conducive for fair and free voting in the Jimara area.

Reporters will be sent on the ground to do voice pop in order to determine whether the current court cases will have any impact on the voter population.

We hope that those in charge of the new dispensation are fully cognizant of the fact that everybody is watching. Hence doing the right thing at the right time is the only way to sustain the integrity of the process of change which had received universal commendation. Political skirmishes should be avoided and heavy handed measures averted to give the country a democratic image.

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