By Mustapha Jallow

Ousman Sowe, the Director General of NIA

Ousman Sowe, the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency), has encouraged security officers across the country not to engage in politics.

He said the familiarization tour was meant to meet and discuss with stakeholders and assess the situation of security in the interior of the country. Sowe disclosed this to journalists at a press briefing at the NIA headquarters in Banjul, on the 21st November 2017.

‘‘The state security outfit and soldiers should refrain from party politics. We encourage the security services across the country, to take politics out of their work. All the security services are supposed to be apolitical and must show loyalty and allegiance to the government of the day,’’ Sowe said.

He continued: ‘‘We advise them to desist from subversive activities and propaganda on the social media. Anyone found to be subversive or subverting the rules and laws of this country, the due processes will apply.’’

Sowe said they were well received during his tour and that the reception was very positive; that people were reassured and comfortable with SIS which is a fundamental departure from the past, when you mention the ‘‘NIA’’, people run for cover.

On the state of fear of the citizens regarding the presence of the ECOMIG force, Sowe said they took time to talk to people on the mandate of the force in the country; that this is important because ECOMIG is here to contribute to the security of the country.’’

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