By Fatoumatta K Jallow 

Insight Training Centre on Wednesday 18th April 2018, graduated young Gambian journalists who had gone through three months of intensive Training to improve their capacities. The programme that saw the graduation of 24 young journalists from different Media Houses, was funded by the American Embassy.

Cherno Jallow, the Head of Teachers at the Centre applauded the initiative of the US Embassy and expressed gladness that the Center was graduating young journalists who were ready to join their colleagues in the noble profession of journalism.

Ismail Ceesay, Principal of the Centre said over the past 18 years, a total of 3,275 students graduated in different fields of study from the Centre.

He said the mission of the Center is to provide quality, affordable, relevant and accessible skills training to everyone, especially the youth; that this is why they expanded the operations of the Center to Sinchu Alhagie and Basse.

Ceesay acknowledged the strong commitment of students to improve their learning, attitude, pride and motivation and advised the new graduates to work together.

Ceesay concluded that out of the 25 students who enrolled for the journalism course, 24 were successful to graduate.

Isha Davis, a representative of the Ministry of Information commended the Centre for imparting professional knowledge on young Gambians; that media education and training, contributes towards the professional and ethical practice of journalism; that such journalism is better suited to foster democracy, dialogue and development.

“Presently, a professional media in the New Gambia, is an important component of the checks and balance that forms part of the democracy the country is trying to build and by disseminating the right information to the public, the media gives Gambian citizens, the right to participate in development of their country and strengthens feedbacks on accountability,’’ she said.

The Public Affairs Officer of American Embassy Janel Heird, said the students demonstrated hard work and commitment, throughout the course of the program. “I know that the students honoured their class and assignment schedules, participated in group practical exercises, completed their research works on time and gave presentations,’’ she said; that graduation is a stepping stone and that they can spend their life time developing their journalists’ skills.

Fatou M.L Faye, one of the graduating students gave the vote of thanks. In her statement, Fatou thanked the American Embassy for funding the training on the one hand and the Centre for imparting the valuable knowledge on them on the other.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I promise you that all what we have learnt, will be put into practice,’’ she said.

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