By: Kebba AF Touray

Due to the limited knowledge of the EUT-IOM Joint Initiative on Migrant Protection and Reintegration in The Gambia, The Ministry of Information, and Communication Infrastructure on Tuesday 5th December 2017, received a press Release from the IOM for clarification and dissemination on the initiative and has highlighted the support provided to the returnees by spelling out the various types of assistance the initiative has in place for them.

As opposed to the initial support plan, the release said the “EUTF-IOM Joint Initiative on Migrant’s Protection and Reintegration process in The Gambia contributes to the strengthening of migration Governance and sustainable reintegration of retuning migrants to the country; that the initiative will be utilized in providing assistance to migrants through the following means: to continue educational courses; receive medical and psychological care; receive vocational training; establish businesses (individual or collective); contact the services and or socio professional integration programs available in any area; receive referrals to existing job opportunities and receive advice and support in designing viable business plans, for the returnees.

The support includes provision of tailored reintegration packages for vulnerable migrants such as unaccompanied children, women or those requiring medical attention which will be designed based on individual needs, including family tracing, reunification and psychosocial counseling among others.

Readers would recall that the European Union Trust Fund and The International Organization for Migration (EUTF-IOM), have on the 3rd November 2017, signed an agreement to implement the “EU Trust Fund-IOM Joint Initiative for migrant Projects and Reintegration”.

The project is a three year initiative worth 3.9 million Euros or approximately D214, 500,000. The primary aim of the project is to provide vocational training, establish businesses, reintegrate returnees and take care of their general welfare in the country.

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