Friday, February 21, 2020

Inferno Wreaks Havoc On Compounds


By: Kebba AF Touray

The recently fire outbreak in Wuli Sutukoba has wreaked havoc on 14 houses in four compounds, burning entire contents to ashes. The inferno which sources could not establish, how it came about, said started in the compound called Jabbi Kunda and continued in Yaafa, Dibbasey and Jallow Kunda compounds in the same neighborhood.

In Jabbi Kunda where it is said the inferno broke out, the compound head Alagie Jabbi, explained to this reporter that a store, bed room, kitchen, household utensils, food stuff including bags of groundnut, horse cart and sheep, were lost to the ravaging fire. Jabbie revealed that the fire burnt a house in a nearby compound in Dibbasey Kunda.

Samba Yaafa, a victim of the inferno, quantified to this reporter that the fire burnt all seven houses in their compound (Yaafa Kunda) together with bags of groundnut, clothing, household contents, solar panels and their batteries, box beds, a refrigerator, bags of rice, bicycles, a cash amount of Euro 450, animal feed and a donkey cart.

Mbondy Jallow, another victim in Jallow Kunda, said apart from the three houses which were burnt in their compound, they lost all household contents of the houses which include beds, cupboards, food stuff, a cash amount of D30, 000 and his wife’s bags of groundnuts, which was kept as seed for the upcoming planting season.

The victims call on Government and non-governmental organizations, Companies, individuals, and good Samaritans, to come to their aid and help them through the deplorable conditions they find themselves in.

For assistance, the victims can be reached on telephone on (00220) 6225903, 7838841, 6668407 or better still on 6224408, 9954533 and 2383996.

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