By Yankuba Jallow

Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara on Monday November 19th 2018, refused the prosecution’s application to showcase a computer-generated evidence in the criminal trial of senior staff of the country’s spy agency.

Exhibit L was admitted in a printed format before the high court in Banjul, but the prosecution made an application for the Court to allow them display the evidence from a computer. The Courtroom was crowded to capacity with friends and well-wishers, who all came to see the content of Exhibit L from the computer.

Lawyers Christopher E. Mene and Ibrahim Jallow, as well as the other Lawyers for the defence team, objected to the application. The objection was based on the fact that the computer evidence is not before the Court and as matter of Law, should not be allowed.

The prosecution team on the other hand, argued that the defence has misconstrued the purpose of their application.

The trial judge in her ruling, stated that the application cannot be allowed because the evidence sought to be tendered, is not before the Court.

The matter was adjourned for the continuation of examination of the twenty fifth prosecution witness, PW25.

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