First and foremost, the National Council for civic education should have been empowered to utilise radio, television, film , public lectures  to promote  knowledge on the content of the constitution. If that happened the ridiculous rumours that Jammeh would be a Monarch in January 2015 would not have spread through the Senegalese Media. It would have been clear that a Sovereign Republic does not transform into a Republic overnight. In the same vein, after Dr Zakir Naik ‘s lectures a number of people are claiming that the Gambia is to be transformed into an Islamic Republic over night. This is also impossible. Section 100 subsection 2 has made it very clear that Gambia should be a secular multi party democratic Republic. It reads: The National Assembly shall not pass a bill

  1. a)  to establish a one party state
  2. b)   to establish any religion as a state religion
Those who administer the state should speak the language of the constitution.      ]]>

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