Abdoulai G. Dibba
Sirreh Jarjue, the wife of Abdou Jammeh, commonly known as ‘Anabi’, a prison officer and native of Kanilai village in Foni abdou-anabi-jammehKansala District, said she is yet to trace any place of detention of her husband or to set her eye on him for over ten months now since her spouse’s disappearance in January this year.

She explained that since the disappearance of her husband in January, she has been making frantic efforts to either see him or trace his place of detention but that none of these efforts could materialize.

‘Anabi’ Jammeh’s wife is again appealing to the executive to help in tracing her missing husband and to facilitate his release to reunite with his family.

“I am appealing to the executive to help me trace my husband and to facilitate his release to reunite with his family, or charge him and take him to court,” stated Madame Jarjue

It could be recalled that Mr. Jammeh’s wife told Foroyaa in a previous publication that her husband left home on a fateful Tuesday in January, this year, to go to work at Mile Two prison on an afternoon shift but never returned home.

According to the distraught looking wife, she called the mobile phone of her husband on the night he was supposed to close from work but someone else received the call and that when she asked about him, she was told that her husband was inside.

“I again called in the morning and the same person received the call and when I told him that my husband is supposed to close work by now, the receiver of the call told me that my husband was supposed to close by then but that there was an emergency,” said Madame Jarjue.

Mr. Jammeh’s wife said she had made several visits to her husband’s work place at the prison but was always told by his colleagues that they do not know anything about him.

The desperate wife also disclosed that the absence of her husband, who is the breadwinner, has negatively affected the upkeep of the family and most especially the education of their children, as they are no longer going to school.

She added that she is now entirely responsible for the upkeep of their young family.


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