By Yankuba Jallow

The contest for the National Assembly position for the certain constituencies in North Bank Region is going to be tough leaving little space for any party to whitewash others. Landing Long Long Sonko is contesting for Upper Nuimi, Abdoulie J. Corr for Lower Nuimi, Kemo Gassama for Lower Badibou and Ousainou Bobb for Illiassa. They were all accompanied to the Independent Electoral Commission’s Office in Kerewan by jubilant crowds.  Speaking to the press after his nomination, Abdoulie J. Corr decried the misrepresentation they have encountered from people who were chosen by political parties. He noted they (the politicians) were using the people of Lower Nuimi so that they would be voted for in office. “I am a youth and an activist,” he disclosed. He added that Upper Nuimi has been used by Politicians to earn cheap popularity as the current state of the Constituency can ‘attest’ to his claim. “My Constituency is still where it was for the past 22 years and has not moved away from retarded development to success even once,” he decried.

Kemo Gassama, also an Independent candidate, was not pleased with the selection process in his constituency. He remarked,  “The leadership here failed to abide by their set principles and laws to choose a candidate” . He concluded by saying his priority is  to provide the people of Badibou North with hospitals and an ambulance because since the country gained Independence in 1965, they have not benefited from any health service causing women in labour to deliver before arrival at hospitals due to the distance. “ I will provide scholarship for children and the youth to pursue their education,” he promised.


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