By Kebba Secka

Lance Corporal Sambujang Bojang on Monday told the General Court-Martial that he was subjected to electric shocks before his statement (Exhibit G2) was taken from him. “Lt Yusupha Jallow asked me to undress at the NIA headquarters where he brought in three (3) cuffs which were used to cuff my hands and legs. Something like a plate was also brought in for me to stand onto, electric adapter was also brought into the hall where I was shocked and forced to speak out what I don’t know,” alleged Corporal Bojang.

Bojang went on to narrate to the court that after he was tortured, he was threatened that if he refused to speak out the truth to them, they will met more severe punishment against him. He claimed that it was on that basis, Exhibit G2 was signed. He was quick to disassociate himself from Exhibit G1 saying he only signed Exhibit G2. Asked to tell the court why he was tortured, Bojang said Lt Yusupha Jallow accused him of not telling the truth to the investigators. He continued to tell the court that when his legs were cuffed one Famara Susso met him where his legs where cuffed and burned his feet with a lighter used by smokers.

“During the moment of my torture, one officer came into the NIA hall and asked them to stop what they were doing,” explained Corporal Bojang. He added that Lt Yusupha Jallow and Famara Susso tried to unlock the cuffs but it was not possible to unlock them. He further explained that as Jallow and Susso continue to unlock the cuffs, two of the cuffs eventually unlocked whilst the third cuff remained locked.

“Lt Jallow was told to take me to a metal workers in Banjul to help them unlock the cuffs but Jallow told them that he feared the information escalates to their superiors,” Bojang went on to explain that when the alleged torturers had no alternative then, Lt Jallow, Fall and Sulaiman Gaye escorted him to three different welding workshops in Banjul but it was still difficult to unlock the third cuff. He said they had to take him to a fourth welding workshop where they finally unlocked the cuff. “Upon our returning to the NIA headquarters, I was intimidated. This was the moment when I signed Exhibit G2,” he told the court. According to Bojang, throughout the period when he was being taken from one welding workshop to another, the locked cuff was very tight on him making him to endure severe pain.

While DW9 was giving his testimony, the proceedings was halted for some time following reported uncomfortable health situation of the second accused person Lt Abdoulie Jarju who was seen escorted out of the court for the Barrack’s clinic. Subsequently, the case was adjourned till today, Tuesday 23 October for continuation.

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