By Kebba Secka

Private Soldier Mbemba Camara who is the Defence Witness number 11, on Tuesday 30th October 2018, told the General Court-Martial that Lt. Yusupha Jallow, offered him $100, 000 and a furnished home in the name of the State, to serve as State witness. According to DW11, this pledge was made to him and Dino Sanneh; but that eventually Dino accepted the offer and has already appeared before the General Court-Martial as a state Witness.

When the case was called, MB Abubakr with ER Dougan and Capt. Njie announced their presence for the State while the accused persons were represented by Counsel S. K Jobe together with Capt. Suwaibou Jammeh, Capt. Bubacarr Bah and Capt. Modou Demba

DW11 told the Court that Lt. Y Jallow told him the state wants to use him as witness; that he chose him because he was his mate in the same intake; that if he accept, he will be released. According to DW11, he declined all the offers granted him by the State through Lt Jallow; that he cannot take the offers at the expense of compromising his comrade on something he does not know and further revealed that at the time Lt. Jallow was making the offers for them (Dino Sanneh and himself), it was in the presence of Capt. Alhagie Camera.

“Lt Jallow further told me that if I accept to be a State witness, they will tell me what to say as prosecution witness. He offered me a 2nd Lieutenant rank promotion provided that, I accept to be a state Witness,” DW11 told the Court. Camara went on testify that after all the offers were made to him, he responded to him: “Sir, I’m not interested in all your offers.” That when he rejected the offers, Lt Jallow told him to prepare and spend the rest of his life in Mile ll Central Prisons, because of the weight of the charges against them. DW11 together with his colleagues said Capt. Alhagie Camara and Lt Y Jallow, took him to a separate room where he was tortured; that this made him to be scared and he signed exhibit H.

During cross examination by State Counsel MB Abubakr, DW11 was reminded of his evidence in chief, where he told the Court that he was a member of the WhatsApp group.

“You also told the Court that you were a participant of the group,” asked MB Aboubakr.

“Yes, my Lord,” DW11 answered. At this juncture, the State Counsel applied to be given exhibit H. The Witness was asked to read out to the Court the second and third page of the document. The witness was heard reading this particular sentences out: “My names are Private Mbemba Camara. I live in Bundung. I was duly cautioned at the Yundum Military Police in the presence of an independent witness.” He read another quotation on the third page.

At this stage, State Counsel Aboubakr again requested to be given exhibit S which he said contained the transcribed audios of the accused private soldier, where he is said to given names to some officers; that the names are said to be given to the Generals on the alleged day of the coup, according to the prosecution. The prosecution further testified that DW11, the owner of WhatsApp number 7958796 suggested these names in the group to see whether it will be convenient for them. Finally, State Counsel Aboubakr told DW11 that he was not only a participant, but a lead planner of the alleged coup.

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