Ndow Darboe’s husband, Dembo Touray Darboe has been in detention for more than 139 days. Even though it is claimed that he Ndow Darboeis detained at the NIA, he has not been seen by family members. Ndow is now compelled to move about to seek help rather than just wait and rely on hope. “I have five children with Touray Darboe. He is a loving husband and a caring father. His children are constantly asking me for their father and I do not know what to explain.

“Family members try to comfort me by saying that they have been informed that he is alive. I cannot be convinced any more until I set my eyes on him. Hearsay is no longer enough. Every night when I lie down I just cannot escape thinking that he is dead. This is why I could no longer sit down and just wait,” she lamented.

She remarked, “My husband is very pious and is the muezzin at the community mosque. He is highly respected in the community and people are questioning what he has done to disappear like this. I am suffering due to loneliness and the burden of maintaining our large family”.

At least, my anxiety would be reduced if I saw him and know that he is alive and well,” she concluded.


Are the authorities listening? The woman wants to see her husband. This humble request should not be ignored. It would be inhuman to do so.


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