Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hussain Tajudeen declared persona non grata again


by Ousman SillahHussain Tajudeen, the proprietor of TAJCO, has been declared persona non grHussain Tajudeenata and ordered to leave the Gambia within 72 hours or face deportation, according to an executive order announced in the evening news bulletin of GRTS television yesterday, 27 May, 2015.This is the second time Mr. Tajudeen, a Lebanese national, has been asked to leave the Gambia within a short notice, the first was on 4 June 2013. However, after five months following this deportation, on 25 October 2013, to be precise, it was announced that the president has pardoned him and that he was free to return to the Gambia.The latest announcement further indicated that Mr. Tajudeen was engaged in “unacceptable business practices” and was therefore given 30 days to close down his operations in the country. It has also warned against doing business with Mr. Tajudeens family, friends or associates.Mr. Tajuddeen, in addition to being a major importer of rice, flour, sugar and other food commodities, is also the owner of Kairaba shopping centre among other business operations.In a similar announcement, the dealers in livestock near the cashew trees at Abuko are also ordered to vacate the place or face forceful eviction. ]]>

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