Israel has all the weapons in the world, even nuclear weapons, but the kites and balloons in the hands of the Palestinian youth are making Israeli citizens restless.

History has taught that no one can be at peace when one’s neighbour is not at peace. Good neighbourliness is the basis of peace not weapons aimed at imposing one’s will on one’s adversaries. Since those defeated today will fight another war tomorrow, those who are slaughtered today will breed their likes who would go to revenge tomorrow.

What Africa needs is nation building. When all members of society have a sense of belonging to a state, none could be recruited to harm their fellow citizen. It is exclusiveness which provides armies of dissidents. When a state is responsible for its citizens, it will be protected by those very citizens. A nation where all are given a right to live in liberty, dignity and prosperity irrespective of language, religion, place of origin or gender is a nation that will be at peace with itself.

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