Hoyantan (left) is facing Banjul’s ‘France’ pictured right

By Sulayman Bah

The long-awaited fight between Hoyantan and France will finally see light of day after promoter Alla Promotion opted to tie the two wrestlers down under contract.

Hoyantan and ‘France’ were both linked to face Leket Bu Barra at start of the season just after the latter’s victory over Manduwar.

Prior to this, there has been talk of a possible meeting between ‘France’ and Hoyantan. It was even claimed that a deal would have been brokered if not for France’s exorbitant asking price reportedly borne out of the recent over D100,000 paid to Hoyantan in his duel against ‘Gambien’ months ago.

How true this claim is remains to be seen. What’s clear though is Hoyantan will now face Banjul Saku Ham Ham’s heavyweight France after both wrestlers agreed to the promoter’s offer.

The duo is going into the showdown on the back of victories.

France routed Sanneh in a rematch avenging his defeat a year ago that caused him an eight-month suspension after he slapped the arbiter who declared Sanneh winner.

Meanwhile, Leket Bu Barra, who recently visited Portugal and Angola on training, has voiced his desire to take on the winner in the France-Hoyantan match, calling it a final.

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