After the euphoria surrounding the peaceful transfer of executive power, the two most important agendas for the way forward is to complete cabinet nominations and then move further to prepare for National Assembly elections.

The public is fully aware that the cabinet cannot function without a viable national assembly comprising Gambians with the requisite experience. It is such experienced people who would be able to pass bills and constitutional and other legal reforms, ratify international agreements and keep the people informed of the performance of ministers by submitting parliamentary questions for them to answer.

Furthermore, it is such members of parliament who would scrutinise reports of public enterprises and auditor general reports to ensure that there is accountability and transparency.

The members of the national assembly are to monitor the implementation of infrastructural projects and so on and so forth. This is the way to protect public interest. This is why the public is strongly demanding for the Coalition to reveal their decision on how the national assembly elections will be contested. Will the Coalition put up independent Coalition supported candidates throughout the country? Will they agree to a plan where party candidates are supported where they have the support of the people?

Nomination of candidates is scheduled from 9th to 13 March. This is just a month ahead. National Assembly elections will take place on the 7 April. There is no time to waste. All those who are interested and are confident of getting the mandate of the people are advised to hit the ground to seek their support while waiting for the Coalition leaders to come up with the strategy for the Coalition.


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