Thursday, July 18, 2019

How will Gambia’s 1 December 2016 presidential election conclude?



How will Gambia’s 1 December 2016 presidential election conclude?

The APRC and its presidential candidate did file an election petition and are waiting for an outcome. They also want the whole Gambian nation to wait for that outcome.

President-Elect Barrow has been declared the winner of the presidential election. He is also preparing to be sworn in as President on 19th January after the expiration of office of Outgoing President Jammeh.

Different views are being expressed on either side of the political spectrum. Negotiations are said to be on but time is of essence. Such negotiation should lead to acceptance of the truth.

Remarks being made that inauguration will not take place is the opinion of those on the losing side of the election. They should be respected but not given more value than their worth. The truth is already known to those who care to know. Such truth cannot be reversed or distorted.

We are sure that the verdict of the people will ultimately prevail.

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