Instead of a campaign of hate and violence their loved ones undertook a campaign of forgiveness and solidarity aimed at defeating hate rather than revenge against its ambassador The mourners did not call for a whole nation to rise up and assemble as was done in France. No one called on the African American community to leave the US to come to Africa as NATHAN YAHU called on the Jews in France to do after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre. Several funerals were held to celebrate the lives and times of the martyred and draw lessons for posterity to guide another generation of US citizens to emerge who would not allow hate to reduce them to wild beasts that would spill innocent blood without any feeling of remorse. The dead have been buried with honour without any incident. The dignity of the funeral and the insightful messages has tamed the arrogance of the racists to the point that the Confederal flag they took as their symbol of supremacy could no longer fly majestically in Charleston. Only human beings with justice in their minds and mercy in their hearts could defeat hate terrorism.    ]]>

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