President Barrow

The President of the Republic was elected under an Independent Ticket so that he would be a President of all Gambians.

This requires that he presides over a country where the law is respected and observed by all irrespective of party affiliation or ethno-linguistic origin.

The past is gone but the future is not yet. What we do today is what will help us to build the future.

The Gambia had a peaceful democratic transition which is hailed throughout the world. This good image is what the supporters of the President and parties which brought about the change should preserve, protect and promote. All those who perpetuate intolerance and ask Barrow to do the same would end up discrediting the government by engaging in political violence and ethno-linguistic cleansing that would be denounced by the rest of the world. Sooner or later crimes against humanity would be committed that would be condemned and exposed by Amnesty International and other rights defenders. This is not the agenda that people fought for when they stood for change.

What is your difference from those who denied you the exercise of your rights yesterday if you seek to deny them their rights today?

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