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How the Gambia Should Try to Avoid War?


Dec 25, 2016.

The greater part of avoiding war in the Gambia is on the Lord, who may decide based on how we handle our parts. Among us, President Jammeh and president elect Barrow have the biggest responsibility to help avoid war, and I am not impressed with their choices. Even me and you have some responsibilities, including advising Barrow, Jammeh, our service people, and the caring ones around the world. Advising each other Truth is a responsibility based on common sense and chapter 103 of the marvelous Kuhran.

Myself and countless other people believe Jammeh should step down, but how should we challenge him through respectful debates, psychological wars, and other means before a potential war? Where is Barrow failing us? He should lead the debates, psychological wars, and other means. Barrow, the coalition team, and every leader must understand challenges are part of life. How we circumvent and defeat challenges is what make us true leaders, or else excuse oriented leaders or followers. Even if Jammeh gave Barrow access to the traditional media, time demands Barrow to understand social media can sometimes be more effective, as evident in how Donald Trump and countless other leaders use them. The direct and indirect benefits are for the realists and optimists.

Regardless of how hard Barrow may be working behind the scenes for us, he must understand many of us are doing similar, privately and publicly, online and offline. There are more Gambians on facebook than Gambians who voted for Barrow, if he doesn’t have anything to say to us, we have some things to say to him and deserve his time… In less than thirty minutes, he can set-up a facebook account, youtube channel, twitter, cloud, etc ; A thirty minute responsibility should not take days, or we have some excuse oriented leaders, sluggish or snail-pace leaders, non-listening leaders, old age or old ways listening leaders, etc.  He may be young, but he is surrounded with old folks who may wrongly be advising him with excuses and cowardly stands. Beside direct consumptions, television stations and other media outlets may gladly echo you from youtube. The world is listening to the Gambia now, and a great voice can make a difference beyond the transitional period.

Beside social media, the coalition team can buy one of the Radio Stations in the Gambia, or convince Senegal to supply and allow them a Radio Station from the SeneGambian border, like Jihnack, Sokone Area, where Gambian telephone calls can come in… If Senegal is ready to help with soldiers and expensive weapons, I see no reason for them to give excuses if you demand help privately and publicly. Such Stations should air important messages to the Gambian public and military before any force enters the Gambia.

The messages should be powerful and fearless like this marijuana inspired article. The Lord is looking for brave soldiers in words and deeds, and I am volunteering as a writer with a caring well-meaning heart, mind, and deeds. I am even willing to volunteer as fighter against Jammeh if need be, but should the coalition team ignore all these possibly war avoiding measures, then I have to question if you are worthy of fighting for, or love the Gambia enough. War is nasty and I have verifiable evidence of trying to avoid war for the Gambia. During the border standoff, I wrote, “Wade’s inaction is dangerously provoking”, which I and other Gambians believe contributed to the peaceful resolution then, which  some were opposed to. Today, should we question if Barrow’s inaction is dangerously provoking? My respect for the voice of the people and opposition to war is what directed my standings then and now, even when I said ‘If Senegal, US, or any country dares attack the Gambia, I will become a terrorist. That was because we had relatively fair elections that ought to be respected. Since the people have spoken differently, Jammeh must step down or be brought down by any means necessary, which does not mean by any means possible or ignoring peaceful measures until Jan 19. Any forceful attack against Jammeh before then would be dangerous, but we must try to meet what we should or can do before then.

Jammeh has some social media accounts, the opposition coalition do not as far as I know; Jammeh has started a psychological war against the opposition and the people of the Gambia, and the opposition coalition is not trying to calm the tension of the people who voted for them and wage a psychological war on Jammeh and the military? Be smart and brave Mr. Barrow or Step down with Jammeh, and I become the president of the Gambia for the next three years with a stronger team like that of Trump with new forms of vetting I wish Barrow Borrows! Petition pages for international intervention should be initiated by the coalition.

Barrow should have had a website, use social media, and invite Gambians to help shape the country with great thoughts. Trump is not picking only his political affiliates and has raise the level of openness in picking cabinet to a new level. Contrast not just their resumes and experience, but their thoughts. Beside clean heart, leadership requires thinking than formal education. If Mr. Amat Bah cannot give your team three terrible problems and three smart ideas to significantly raise Tourism, then experience and political affiliation means vet him for different position. This simple approach can get you a great team and gather thoughts you may need to compensate for, if implemented.   

These three years is supposed to be the best turning point for the Gambia if Barrow and those who surround Barrow understand they have only three years before the Lord majorly reassess with Gambians. More important is these three weeks before the three years. Remember! You and your team must value Intelligence, Truth, and Kindness or face a very fierce fight I already started against Jammeh and other world leaders.

We must applaud the Military leaders with advice and challenges. Preventing war for your country is better than fighting war for your country. Please rightly guard Jammeh until Jan 19, but arrest him thereafter if it will help save us from war. The voice of the people is the highest command our ears can give thanks with, the voice of your conscience should be bigger than any human commander in chief . Whether or not his family ran away or abandoned him, why should you gamble your families and our families? Suppose the military leaders fail us if Jammeh insists, then our message to the ordinary soldiers is to call a special number in Senegal and help fight with the Ecomog or Senegalese fighters. This is the only way you can fight for your country, defending the voice of the people through renewable mandates. Or simply say, no more defending of the Jammeh’s regime post Jan 19. You shouldn’t eat expired food and you shouldn’t defend or work for an expired mandate or government. Sit home or go on hiding if you have any conscience. Not only Jammeh, Barrow, and the military are under test, but all of us. Barrow should assure intervention before the next salary is due, but assure it only to those who refuse to work based on principle and his calling, the voted voice to command the Gambia with the Lord. 

Beside calming the people, these are some of the type of messages that should be coming from Barrow, through social media and other means. When people wrongly suggest ‘no work protest’ before Jan 19; tell them no, the Gambia voted for him till then. Ask the government workers to desist from work on your chosen dates and to go into hiding. Urge the religious leaders and public to pray for peace and the Lord’s intervention —  a mysterious stroke, serious heart attack, or anything to help us avoid war. Just the psychological effects of some messages can give him a stroke or heart attack. Tell him, his army is divided than he may guess – vaguely, but never lie. Acknowledge the military commander who allegedly ran away, and ask others not to run away, but carry a plan or call a number in due time for a collaboration with international force.  If he is using money to buy people, we should consider it in due time, if it will help prevent a war. If you call Donald Trump, Putin, and Obama, appeal to them for the NSA to tap the commanders for who may very much be against Jammeh, we can secretly or publicly offer hundred thousand to million dollars for any commander who can arrest or k*** him if he wants to disrespect the mandate and recklessly risk the Gambian lives he was voted to protect. Always remind him, it won’t be Senegal alone, but an International force and the ‘will of the Lord’ he acknowledged and now wants to challenge with force. Remind him Allah cannot be with the guilty who want to recklessly gamble those who empowered them, so any soldier who sides with Jammeh post Jan 19 is betraying trust and bound to suffer. Request for drone and other possible help for easy taking out. Mr. EbouJallow claimed to have convinced someone to spend millions of dollars for wrongful overthrowing of Jammeh, so Barrow, Jallow, or someone must do similar for rightful overthrowing, at least with efforts and open appeals. Of course, there are other possibilities or responsibilities that may not be wise to discuss in public.

Barrow, you ‘bravely’ fought to win the election, so please do not have cold feet or wrongly fight this last important fight. It is not true that your life is at risk, the most. Jammeh and every smart government have online intelligence team. They know very well that if they arrest or kill me and many people, the international community may not rage like if it was you. So my life and others who are speaking face much greater danger, at least within these three weeks. If there will be any international rescue efforts, you and your family will be given priority over me and many others. I am by no means underestimating the risk you face for us, but truthfully reminding you others are also at risk. How you speak and act will have an effect on how Jammeh and the military may react. So humbly listen to me and other online contributors through summaries from your monitoring team. Psychological war was used by Muhammad, Reagan, and many others to help prevent physical war. So do not let cowards make you rule it out, while ruling in physical war or its probabilities.

When the marvelous Kuhran tells us, ‘do not fear even Satan’, some people think Jammeh, kings, and those less dangerous than Satan should be feared. When it says  ‘the guilty will not be able to blame even Satan’, some people think that is only on judgment day, or they can blame it all on Jammeh if a war happens. Let us love ourselves if Jammeh, Barrow, or our military fail to love us. Until then, let us urge them to actions towards peace. This is a “regime change” called by the people of the Gambia, not Senegal,UK, or U.S politicians. The world should loudly echo us and we expect their timely support or stop the using the term,or stay away forever. Now we know Jammeh is between statehouse and Kanilai, so do not wait too late to drop drones on innocent Gambians with excuses on false intelligence. Again, I do not recommend armless street protests, but stay from work in due time, and let diplomacy or military measures resolve it.

If you want me to volunteer to fight with the international force against Jammeh, please assure me vegetarian meals. Imagine! I spare animals due to respect for feeling creatures, and here is Jammeh and Barrow’s inaction gambling me seeing people killed, or even killing people myself. Please, Fellow Gambians, let us never depend on prayers without truthful advice and efforts – we must all try to avoid war and death, but never fear either. We are looking forward to Barrow’s social media presence and with strong smart messages. Since I am volunteering for possible fighting, I might as well volunteer for weeks of account management, counseling, training camp, etc.  I am also calling on Gambians, especially in the diaspora, to volunteer similarly as fighters, humanitarian assistant, or wherever needed. Barrow should release the number to call or meeting places in Senegal. Yes, we want peace, should work for peace, but must show Jammeh and his cohorts that we are ready for whatever – we should not let Jammeh be a Pharoah upon us. We should also sternly warn those who dare side with jammeh post jan 19 should be dealt with.  May the Lord curse any soldier, person, jinn, or other creatures who dare side with Jammeh after jan 19 against the people or agreement. May the Lord immensely bless the Gambia and all our true friends. May the Lord bless Show love Trinity: Let’s learn, Let’s work, let’s have fun.

By JargaKebbaGigo

Activist and Transformer.

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