We have been repeating for all to take note that even in a state of emergency the spouse, parent, child and other available next of kin of the person detained shall be given access to the detainee within 24 hours. We are receiving reports of people being detained beyond the 72 hour limit without access to relatives or court appearance .This is unconstitutional and family members who are told that they could go to the High Court to have an order for their loved-ones to be released often expressed fear that there would be both cost and delay. Hence they are waiting for the sense of justice of the executive to prevail. Unconstitutional means of changing governments are under attack everywhere .The Unconstitutional behaviour of governments should also be under attack everywhere. Human beings are not to be treated like parrots in a cage. They should only be held in captivity if they are sentenced by a court or are in court waiting for speedy trial before an independent and impartial court. Let justice guide the action of all.  That is the road to genuine peace and tranquility.]]>

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