The Chairperson has issued a statement to indicate the plans of the Constitutional Review Constitution. They will be reviewing the 1965, 1970 and 1997 Constitutions of The Gambia. They will be reviewing other relevant constitutions. They will be consulting all relevant stakeholders.

Foroyaa would advise that the commission transforms the statement into a time bound work plan and programme, otherwise they may end up asking for more time and resources. Their method appears to be sound. However, if the Commission is to be fit for purpose it must achieve its goals within a reasonable time frame to enable the Independent Electoral Commission to conduct its registration of voters under a new constitution and reformed electoral laws and for civic and voter education to be done for the electorate to know their constitution and electoral laws before electing new leaders. This is why the constitutional review is the most important mission of the transition. Foroyaa will accompany the Commission in the fulfilment of its mandate.

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