Monday, August 19, 2019

How Does Government Intend To Ensure The Purchase Of Groundnuts For The 2018/2019 Trade Season?


The Minister of Agriculture needs to issue a statement after consultation with the National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation (formerly GGC), to inform the public of the real state of affairs of the groundnut marketing season.

The Agriculture Ministry is the policy and service arm of the State, regarding the agricultural sector. They should be able to keep track of what is happening in the sector from production, marketing and preparation for the next season, and keep the public well informed. This has never happened in the past and it should happen now.

Some farmers continue to follow their income from sale since the last trade season, without knowing whether Government was in the know of how they became creditors, instead of recipients of hard-earned income. This should not repeat itself.

Is the government aware that there is credit buying? Has Government registered all those who are engaged in this exercise? Could it safeguard the farmer from being defrauded? The public deserves to be informed.

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