How Does Government Aim To Address The Problem Of Load Shedding In The Greater Banjul Area?

NAWEC did promise that by December 2017 electricity generation in the Greater Banjul Area would be increased and power outages reduced. Last week the Managing Director apologized for the persistence of outages and explained that a temporary arrangement has been made to generate and sell electricity to NAWEC for onward distribution to customers. He added that they pay three million dalasis per month for the purchase of electricity for the North Bank. He did not indicate how much they will be paying the Turkish company.

Residents of Banjul and those who commute could see the felling of trees to make room for transmission lines. How temporary the arrangement is going to be is a matter for the future to tell. Whether electricity will also be affordable is a matter for the future to tell. Foroyaa will try to have an exclusive interview with the MD so that the changes and prospects will be understood.

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