Friday, August 23, 2019

How Do We Keep The Legacy Of Deyda Hydara?


Deyda Hydara was murdered in cold blood in 2004 but after thirteen years his name is still on the lips of Gambians.

Why? Because he has become a symbol of freedom of the press. Whoever talks about him, talks about freedom of the press. 

The media is now open and citizens now freely express themselves. But the laws impinging freedom of the press still hangs over us like a sword of Damocles. There is need to revoke all those laws. This was the message of most speakers at the forum at UTG, organized by GPU and partners on Saturday, to mark the 13th anniversary of the murder of Deyda. Those laws must go, otherwise there will be no guarantee of freedom of the press.

Furthermore the erection of a statue of Deyda Hydara on the spot where he was killed, will serve as a reminder of the importance of freedom of the press. It is hoped that the GPU, the government and their partners, will give this matter serious thought.

This proposal could not make headway under the former regime because it was a challenge to get an artist who was willing to do the art work and the government to provide the approval.

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