Thursday, August 22, 2019

How Are Farmers To Be Protected From Promissory Notes?


During the last trade season, many farmers delivered their nuts to cooperative buying centers, only to be given promissory notes instead of being paid their dues in cash upon delivery. They had to talk to National Assembly members, the media and even go to court to fight their cases. This cost farmers quantifiable sums of money, time and opportunity losses.

Government should create a complaint Bureau to document all cases that led to the defrauding of hard working farmers and ensure that all those who engage in groundnut buying as agents, are licensed to do so based on their capacity to pay. The cooperative societies should be fully organised to prevent any defrauding of farmers.

Those who live on seasonal income, should not be cheated and subjected to unnecessary hardships. All those who are defrauded and are still not paid, should notify Foroyaa for publication and follow up, on their cases.

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