Reports reaching Foroyaa have it that houses have been entirely destroyed by last week’s storm and flooding, in Wuli East district in URR.

Visiting some of the affected compounds, this reporter saw compound heads were transferring their belongings to temporal habitation centers, where they’ve been housed with their families.
Bakary (Kekoto) Jabbi, one of the victims whose six bedroom line house was destroyed, explained that the corrugated iron sheets on the roof of his house have been blown away by the strong winds and the replacement and maintenance works will cost him dearly.

He was quick to thank his neighbours for their timely intervention which has helped reduced the destruction.

One Alagi Bully, also a victim, stated that his house succumbed to the flash floods of last week’s rain and destroyed all his household items.

Similar remarks were made by Tida Sanuwo and Lasanna Jawneh, whose household items and food stuff were destroyed during the flash floods. The victims call on all and sundry, to help them re-construct their houses with construction materials especially corrugated iron sheets and timber.


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