Sunday, August 18, 2019



By Aja Musu Bah Daffeh

Basiru Darboe, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hilltop FM radio station situated at Sukuta Lambai junction in the West Coast Region (WCR), said three men identifying themselves as personnel of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) came to his office to order him to stop transmission between 4pm and 5pm on Sunday, 1 January 2017.

He said since the said NIA operatives did not show him any letter ordering the closure of the place, he demanded to see their identity cards before complying. He said the head of the team showed him his Warrant card and added that they are just messengers executing an order from their superior.

Mr. Darboe said he further told the team that “this is not a shop but a public service institution which cannot just be closed without any tangible reason”, adding that the officers promised to bring him a letter in due course. He said he then complied with them not to operate but told the head of the team that he will be informing the public that the NIA had closed the radio station without advancing reasons.

The Hilltop CEO said they have been promoting development. “So why are we asked to close, if we have committed any crime,  we need to know?” he asked.


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