Foroyaa has followed the trend of how countries cave in because of
civil strife and has predicted that Israel is heading in the same
direction unless the world steps in on time to provide a redress.What are the danger signs?
The answer is simple. The primary contradiction between Israel and
Palestine is the demands of the Palestinians for the right to self
determination and independence of a homeland of their own side by side
with Israel and the denial of this right by the Netanyahu
This contradiction could have been solved by negotiation, but the
ultra nationalists, who are imbued with national chauvinism, do not
want the creation of a Palestinian state. Hence, instead of
transforming Israel into a multi –ethno linguistic secular democratic
Republic where all live in equality and give example of what a
Palestinian state would also look like, they are building Israel into
a Jewish state which would only promote ultra-nationalism and national
chauvinism which people of Jewish origin suffered from during the Nazi
Now, a new force is emerging in the Palestinian camp who are not
talking about the right to self determination and Independence but are
attacking Jewish holy sides and are talking about defending Muslim
holy sites.
Such people are usually assured heaven once they sacrifice their
lives. Once such people are nurtured in sufficient numbers, Israel
will be confronted with a new type of civil war which will compel it
to treat the Arab population the way Jews had been treated during the
holocaust and which would ultimately lead to bloodshed which cannot be
stopped by missiles, military aircraft and nuclear weapons.
The negotiation to create a two State solution, with two secular
democratic and multi ethno-linguistic Republics co-existing side by
side, should begin right away to divert the attention of the sovereign
people of the two countries from a perilous course.

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