Foroyaa had reported the imposition of an illegal curfew in Kanilai and had questioned how that could be possible in the new Gambia. Foroyaa had explained that no curfew could be imposed legally without the publication of the order in the Gazzette by the authority provided by the Public Order Act.

Since then the minister of the interior has made it abundantly clear that he has no authority to order a curfew and that no order of a curfew has been authorised to be imposed on the residence of Kanilai.

Foroyaa has approached the Alkalo of Kanilai who has told this paper that he has received information from the commander of the Gambian contingent in Kanilai that the people of his village can now move about without restriction and that the youths who took refuge could come back. Hence Kanilai is heading towards normalcy. Foroyaa will continue to follow developments.


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