Thursday, August 22, 2019

Has Sexual Violence On Males In War Situations Ever Been Fully Documented?



Human rights defenders are building dossiers on sexual violence against women during war or other situation of political conflict in the form of rape and physical brutality of private parts. However, many men are subjected to castration and other forms of physical brutalities on their private parts but are ashamed to reveal what happened to them. This is due mainly to the fact that manhood is equated to sexuality.

It is becoming increasingly clear that human rights defenders are not documenting all the atrocities emanating from conflict situations. The logic of attacking the integrity of a male prisoner through castration or brutality against one’s private parts appears to be more ingrained than most people think. The loss being felt by such people, which could lead to unhappiness, mental abnormalities and even suicide merits the attention of human rights defenders. Foroyaa will begin to draw people’s attention to such reality with a view to nipping it in the bud. Man’s inhumanity to man should be seen as a curse waiting to be thrown overboard.

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