Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Has False Alkalorship Elections Taken Place In Ngayen Sanjal?


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The information received from Ngayen Sanjal alleges, that a group of people under false pretence have claimed to have conducted Alkalorship elections and have conveyed the results to the Ministry, for appointment of the winner to unseat a sitting Alkalo by fraudulent means.

One expects the office of Alkalo to become vacant, only if the holder is dead or has been found guilty of a crime by a court of law.

In a new Gambia no one expects an Alkalo to lose office because of political interference. Any Alkalo who is so removed for no just cause should be ready to go to the High Court for redress of discrimination under Section 33 of the Constitution. People should now become bold in fighting their rights in the Courts. The whole world is watching for justice to be done in The Gambia.

Suffice it to say that even if the office of Alkalo becomes vacant by virtue of death and other lawful means, the Constitution does not yet have provision for the election of Alkalo.

Section 59 simply states:

“The  Minister  responsible for  Local Government shall  appoint  an Alkalo  in consultation with  the  Regional  Governors and  District  Seyfo  or Chairperson of the Kanifing  Municipal  Council, as the case may be.

(2) The Minister shall, in making an appointment under subsection (I), take into account traditional lines of inheritance.”

Anybody who holds fraudulent elections is violating the law. Foroyaa will contact the stakeholders in Ngayen Sanjal to find out the details and contact the Minister for Regional Administration for clarification.

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