Has ECOWAS decided to go with President-elect Barrow to Mali to continue negotiation with outgoing President Jammeh?

That seems to be the case. The telephone conversation between outgoing President Jammeh and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the ECOWAS Chair, after the heads of state of ECOWAS had their meeting with President-elect Barrow confirms that the regional authority aims to take charge of the situation by the 19 January 2017 if the Gambian political stakeholders do not show maturity to take charge of their own destiny.

It is time for propaganda to stop. It serves no good in trying to pit one ethno-linguistic group against another.

Gambians have not had a state of emergency since 1981. It is irrational for Gambians to hate each other just because of loyalty to any political leader who cannot provide their supporters with the basic necessities of life at all times.

Political leaders should get used to going into and leaving office in peace and tranquility. No one is a better Gambian than other. No one deserves to be president for life and no sane and dignified person would give one’s life to keep a president for life to create an environment of conflict after losing an election.

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