Foroyaa has been investigating whether any minster had ever tendered his/her resignation to the president and had it rejected.

Anyway the director of press and public relation at the office of the president has informed the media that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice did tender a letter of resignation but had it rejected by the President.

The Attorney General did hold a press conference as Attorney General and Minister of Justice after a statement of the director of press and public relation.

The resignation seems to have arisen from plea bargaining that has gone wrong and became a major scandal in the judicial history of the country.

Apparently the transitional judicial institutions of the state have not been fully consolidated prior to taking up cases which may have best been handled under such transitional justice scheme. The people are now confused about lawyers who are seen as prominent independent counsels becoming prosecutors without prior enlightening of the population. This is what complicates the whole case and makes it scandalous, thus provoking the Attorney General to resign since his brother is involved in the controversy and had to step down.

We hope the state will proceed to establish its transitional justice institutions by bringing the Bills to the National Assembly for debate and enactment if found to be progressive.

Foroyaa will find out whether the commissions of inquiry mentioned in press conferences are published in the Gazette as required by law and explain the content to the population so that the terms of reference will be fully understood.

The state should always adhere to the rule of law principle that justice will always be delivered without fear or favour, affection or ill will. This could only happen if one adheres to substantive justice and not a drama for the gallery.

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