By Aja Musu Bah Daffeh

Alpha Sey, a resident of Koto Quarry, was kidnapped on the 31st of December, 2016 for wearing #GAMBIA HAS DECIDED# t-shirt by unidentified personnel in a pickup vehicle with World Bank registration number near the traffic light at Kairaba Avenue where he was sitting with a friend, Alieu Ndow, who lives at Pipeline.

Mr. Ndow, the eye witness, disclosed that the four men descended from the pickup vehicle and asked Alpha that they want to have a word with him. He said Alpha was asked by the men where he got the t-shirt he was putting on and he responded “it was from a friend”. He said the four then asked Alpha to get inside the car but that when he refused to comply with them he was forced into the car and whisked away towards the direction of Westfield.

The eye witness said after 2 or 3 minutes following the abduction, he also boarded a taxi and followed the said pickup. He said he eventually saw the same vehicle parked outside a house next to the former Four Season Restaurant along Kairaba Avenue but did not see the occupants inside the vehicle.

Mr. Ndow said he then reported the case to the Kairaba police station and was told by one officer in mufti to go back to the same place where he found the vehicle to search for him. He said he contacted the same officer on Sunday but he told him to contact him on Tuesday (today).


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