Sankung Papa Susso, EdD.

Professor of Education

Touro College and University System

Happy birthday The Gambia,

May you continue to strive for progress, peace, and prosperity.

We once again celebrate your birth with joy,

As you welcomed your friends to witness your spectacle.

Your warmth continues to fill our hearts as you jealously guard our freedoms.


Happy birthday The Gambia,

May you remain a sanctuary for peace and love.

With your faithful smile and soothing embrace,

Be brave for your posterity, and gentle to mankind.

Your devotion will be tested, but do remain true to your commitments.

Happy birthday The Gambia,

May you reach for the stars to inspire your children,

And remain grounded in your service to better their lives.

As the world changes around you and patience becomes scarce,

Do remember the challenges bestowed upon you and the weight of the trust upon your shoulders.

At fifty-two, you are in your early infancy.

You still remained on the road less traveled,

Even as you look to the universe for guidance.

Your birthday is a reminder that with freedom comes sacrifice,

And with sacrifice comes discipline.

To The Gambia our homeland,

Do celebrate today with love and compassion,

And rise up to your purpose tomorrow, knowing you are worthy of our collective sacrifice.

Your responsibilities are great, but your tenacity is resolute.

Hence your success is certain and your promise will renew.

Happy birthday.


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