Monday, September 16, 2019

Hamza scores, voted best match performer


By Sulayman BahGambia’s Hamza Barry scored his first goal of the season crowning it with a man-of-the-match performance in his club’s shock league defeat to Hotspurs.The midfielder opened the lead just a miniute from half-time for fifth-placed and defending league champions Valletta but a dramatic rally from behind left the host gob-smacked as Pieta Hotspurs picked all points.Gambia youth international Barry clattered a Terra’s header that beat Cassar on goal to the back of the net.Hamza could have stolen the lead earlier via a penalty after his shot came off Leoardo Fortunato’s hands, but the referee was disinterested and waived play-on.It was only then that the visitors turned to the other end with launches. Their efforts paid off as Gabriel and Rafael Xavier each scored to make it 2-1.But it was Hamza Barry who earned the last laugh in the midst of the sorrow with fans voting him best player of the match.This was Hamza’s third match in as seven matches after missing the four other league fixtures due to visa problem.]]>

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