Thursday, October 17, 2019

Halifa Sallah honoured as ‘Gentleman of the Day’


The Christian community on Monday, 17 April, honoured Hon. Halifa Sallah as the ‘Gentleman of the Day’ at their annual ‘kite flying’ event held at the old Radio Syd grounds in the outskirts of Banjul.

The event, which is organised to mark Easter Monday, was graced by the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Gambia, Ellison and the elders of the Christian community. Among the guests were Mr. D.A. Jawo, Minister of Information, Imam Tafsir Gaye, Honorables Ousman Sillah, Muhammed Ndow and Fatoumata Njie of Banjul North, Central and South, respectively.

On recieving the certificate honouring Hon. Halifa Sallah, Hon. Ousman Sillah expressed appreciation for the honour bestowed on the Serekunda National Assembly Member. He said the gathering which was graced by people from different denominations is indicative of “the Gambia we know”. He said this is a demonstration of the culture that has been nurtured by the inhabitants of Banjul in which they grew up and that is togetherness and sharing that they have always enjoyed.

“This is a demonstration of the One Gambia, One People and One Nation that we must all cherish, promote and defend,” said Hon. Sillah.

The Banjul North NAM thanked the Christian community for inviting him to the gathering and expressed his solidarity with them in the common quest for a Gambia that embraces all Gambians irrespective of the ethnolinguistic origin, religion and gender that one belongs to.

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