Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Gunshot at Kanilai


Due process requires adherence to the principles governing the justice system.

First and foremost, every person in The Gambia has rights which must be protected by all agencies and agents of the state. Hence when shooting takes place that threatens the life of a person, those responsible for law enforcement must conduct diligent investigation into the cause of the shooting and its impact without making any statement that is prejudicial to the case.

Once the investigation is complete one should rely on the evidence available to determine whether there is a case to answer or not. It is only after investigation is complete that a statement should be issued that has material effect on the case.

Foroyaa strongly advises that those called members of the disciplined force should show example in ensuring that nothing is uttered that is prejudicial to a case involving a member of the security force. A pronouncement from any quarter that is prejudicial to the case could constitute a gross disregard of the principle of due process.

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