Tuesday, July 23, 2019

GTSC Donate Food Items to Customers


By Nelson Manneh

The Gambia Transport Services Company (GTSC), on Wednesday 21st June 2017, donated food items to their customers at the bus stops in Brikama-ba and Bulock.

This is the first time the transport company is giving out such gifts to their customers.

The customers used the food to break their fast as it was given to them exactly at the time of breaking fast.

Mr. Fabuka Njaay, Head of Marketing, GTSC, said the gifts are meant to show appreciation to their customers.

He explained that the reason why they used the south bank trans Gambia highway is because their last bus normally passes through that area and reaches Brikama-ba at 7; 30pm; that the kind of gifts they are giving to their costumers is meant for Iftaar and they will use it to break their fast.

“We gave out sugar to our customers few days ago at our headquarters in Kanifing, and also in Islam when you give somebody food to eat immediately after fasting, there is a big reward on this. As a company, this is what we need in order to grow. The company is here for customers and their welfare is our number one priority,” he said.

To the general public, Mr. Fabuka Njaay said the company is for the people and they provide services in various areas like excursion, weddings, etc.

He said, as the company is Known for its reliability and steadfastness, they are always ready to render good services to their customers.

“The bus is safe and secure and the GTSC is more reliable than any transport company in The Gambia. We have a fix schedule for all services to different destinations. We have different services and among them is the Super Express Service, Direct Service and the regular service,” he stated.

He added that as a company, another means of thanking their customers is to conduct a raffle draw for them; but that to be part of the draw is to submit 20 tickets and exchange them for a raffle ticket to stand a chance of winning fabulous prizes.

Madam Fatou Saine, a customer from Jarumeh Koto village in CRR north, said GTSC is the most reliable transport service in the country.

Madam Saine said the reason why she said this is because she once forgot her bag in the bus and was able to get it back intact, after a few days.

She added that the bus is also quick and comfortable.

“I have been using other vehicles but since when I started using GTSC buses, I have never encountered any difficulty. For the meal they have given us, God will reward them. As you can see, I have nothing to eat during this journey and all my hope was to eat dinner when I reach home. But they have sustained many of us and God will reward them abundantly for this gesture,’’ she said.

Musa Saidy a resident of Taifa village in CRR south, also said he is encouraging everybody to use the GTSC bus services especially those going on long journeys, because they provide the best transport service.

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