Parliamentary Democracy is irretrievably linked to the Press. The Public needs life programmes of parliamentary proceedings and not recorded and edited versions which tells the story of the editor.

The Public broadcaster needs to go even further by inviting Ministers and Parliamentarians, or Parliamentarians from different sides of the political spectrum, to have live debates of certain issues, which could not be dealt with in a substantive way, to address any controversy.

It is the Public broadcaster that should encourage mature debates which would impact on the political conduct of the people. People are bound to abandon listening to rumours if the facts come from their parliamentarians.

Since the election victory it is especially Eye Africa tv and other media houses which have assisted the people to know what has been happening on all sides of the political spectrum. Foroyaa will try to find out why such Media houses which deserve awards and registration to be Private stations are still left in the fringes. The New Gambia should be a place of unrestricted opportunities where people reap what they sow.


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